For the record, by Re-Writes I don’t mean that I’ve done a terrible job, and a client has asked me to re-write my work. Re-writes also doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m re-writing the work of someone else either.

Why would someone ask for Re-Writes?

There are two reasons why a client might ask me produce re-writes:

The most common reason is because they want to share an article or story in several places, for example:

  • On their website
  • On their blog
  • As a Press Release
  • On a third-party website

It’s all a form of advertising, using the same article, but re-written.

The second reason is much more simple. Most clients love what they do, but will openly admit that when it comes to writing about their product and/or service, they hit a brick wall. So, they might write down a basic outline of what they want, and then it will be my job to re-write it. In this case, the purpose of the re-write is to create content that is interesting, but also encompasses Search Engine Optimisation.

How long do re-writes take?

If I’m re-writing content from something that the client has written it basically depends on how much detail the client has gone into. For example, if the client has provided me with in-depth analysis of their products, then I’m probably going to be able to write it quicker, than if I need to sit down and research what something is and how it works.

If, however, I’m re-writing original content then the initial article is probably going to take the longest for me to write, because I may need to put more research into it. By the time that I come to re-writing, in most cases I will already have the research done, so these will be produced at a much quicker pace.  This is because despite the fact that all the articles need to be different, they will still be expected to contain the same facts and information.

Hire Kat to re-write some content.


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