What are Pamphlets?

Pamphlets are booklets that come (in terms of size) in between brochures and leaflets, and are usually between five and 50 pages in length. Their aim is to push people into action, whether that is supporting something or encouraging them to purchase a product or service. They won’t have as much detail as brochures, however they are likely to say more than a leaflet.

Pamphlets are often preferred to brochures purely because they are cheaper to produce but can often have the same impact on encouraging sales. Due to their smaller size – in terms of both pages and dimensions – they can also be handed out easily, in the street or from a rack – in a shop, or Tourist Information Office for example.

How could I use Pamphlets?

This will depend on what your company is all about, however here are a few ideas that you might find useful:

  • Basic advice about a certain problem and/or issue
  • Details about an upcoming event
  • Promotional information about new products

Something to think about, when trying to decide how to best utilise pamphlets is that they are great if you’re looking for a more direct route to your target customers.

 How long does it take to write a pamphlet?

This will depend on the overall length of the pamphlet. Obviously, a five-page one will be completed much quicker than a 50-page one. It will also depend on how much information I am provided with initially. If research is necessary, then it will no doubt take longer.

How much will a Pamphlet cost to be written?

Again this will depend on the length of the pamphlet, but I generally charge on the basis of £15 per 500 words. So, if you have an idea how many pages/words your pamphlet is going to be, it should be pretty easy to work out a rough estimate of how much it will cost.

Any necessary research will also add to the overall cost.

Hire Kat to write your pamphlets today.


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