What is SEO?

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The other day someone asked me what exactly SEO is. It’s a good question, and one that I’m amazed I’ve never thought to answer on the blog before, because I know that I have mentioned it in posts a few times, in the past.

SEO basically stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

In Layman’s Terms this means optimising, or setting your website up, so that Search Engine’s (predominantly Google, but also Bing, Yahoo etc) can find the website and index it appropriately.

Search Engine’s being able to index your website well is incredibly important, because this is how people will find you when they search for specific keywords or terms. Therefore, SEO is the act of placing relevant keywords and terms into your content, so that people can find you – easily – through whichever search engine they choose to use.

For most people, SEO comes relatively naturally, because you instinctively create content that is relevant to your target audience. Sometimes, it is helpful to do some research to discover which keywords are popular at the moment, but if you know your audience well, it is often a matter of “common sense” and just using your initiative.

Nevertheless, never be tempted to “stuff” your content with keywords that you know are guaranteed to get a lot of hits, unless they are genuinely relevant to your content.

The problem with stuffing content with irrelevant but popular keywords is that you will:

  1. Annoy anyone who clicks on your link, on Google, only to discover that your website has absolutely nothing to do with what you are looking for
  2. What is the point of drawing in a lot of people who are not interested in what you have to offer? Sure, you’ll have big hits, but don’t expect any follow-throughs (sales, queries etc!)
  3.  Search Engines are actually pretty smart – they can tell when a website is attempting to, some might say “deceive”, people into coming to their site, and there is a potential that your site will be penalised for doing it, which probably won’t do you any favours.



Tag Challenge: Day 22: A Website

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Day 22: A Website for Kat…why is it so hard?

I have to admit, that I’ve been avoiding this Tag for the past few days, mainly because the majority of the websites that I frequent are the bog-standard every-visits-those websites, and I didn’t want to say Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, because they’re just boring aren’t they? I mean, yeah, we all visit them practically every single day, but what is there left to be said about them, that hasn’t been said a million times before?

So, I thought I’d talk about my own website (this might sound like self-promotion overload, but bear with me, because it really isn’t!)

I registered my self-named domain over a year ago now (and boy, has that year sped by), but in those twelve months, I’d be amazed if the domain hasn’t begun to feel a bit travel sick. My problem is that I want a self-promoting website that tells everyone who I am, what I do, and to encourage them to hire my services as a writer. That sounds really simple, doesn’t it? And I can imagine a lot of you are thinking “you’re a writer, it’s what you do for a living”, but it’s actually not what I do for a living. I promote other people, other things, other services, I don’t promote myself, and I have to say that promoting myself is not an easy task.

It’s probably a self-confidence issue, hmm, no, it is definitely a self-confidence issue, but I just can not promote myself in a way that I feel happy with. I don’t want to feel like I’m bragging about anything, but I don’t want to play down on anything either. And then there’s the question of what to include and what not to include. Do I write it from the first person, or the third person? Do I keep it 100% professional, or do I write it a little more casual and fun?

As a result, I have created more websites for that domain than I care to remember, never entirely happy with one, but I keep it until something better come along, and then I create another one that still just doesn’t quite click with me.

A few months ago, I actually gave up trying, and the domain has been leading people to my Tumblr account instead, which is like a big compilation of several of my blogs. This, of course, doesn’t feel right.

I just want to create a website that I’ve done for myself, and that I am 100% (okay 75% will probably do) happy with, and that just suits a need and a purpose, and that I don’t feel the need to edit other than to keep it upto date.

Apparently, for me, that is too much to ask 🙂

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Rimmel 3 Looks Mascara Review


 I have a confession to make. I got this mascara from Rimmel in a giveaway over a month ago, and I thought that I’d already done a blog, but I realised the other day that I haven’t, and I have no idea how this one slipped through at all! Aw well, as the old saying goes: “Better late than never!!”

Rimmel mascara and Me: I am an enormous fan of Rimmel’s mascara. I sometimes detour to other brands, but I always seem to head back to Rimmel eventually, usually more specifically towards their Sexy Curves mascara, which I love because it never ever clumps and always looks fab. But, I’ve tried several in the past, so I was really excited about trying this one out!

Packaging: I’m not really one to get all clucky about mascara packaging, but I really love the packaging for one, because it is so cute and chunky, whereas other mascara’s tend to be taller and slimline. I think that it has real appeal purely because it looks different to normal ones.

The Three Settings: As the name suggests, the mascara comes with three settings,which you navigate through by twisting the two part of the bottle. It’s automatically set to 3 which is for “bigger” looks, I’m assuming because you get more liquid on the wand, whilst 1 has less product for more subtle looks.And, of course, setting 2 is supposed to be a little in the middle.

I have to admit that I have never used this on the middle (second) setting, because there is such little difference between the other two settings, that it just seems a bit pointless. This is when I really wish I had a camera (ordered in time for Christmas, woo!) so that I could really demonstrate, and see for myself, if there really is a difference between the three settings or not.

The Actual Mascara: On the whole, the mascara was brilliant, just like Sexy Curves I didn’t get any clumping on the first setting, although it did clump a little on the number 3. Both settings that I’ve used made my lashes look long and really wide-eyed, which is always impressive.

Smaller Bottle and Wand: My initial reaction to the bottle being shorter than other mascaras made me think “huh, does that mean it won’t last very long”, but you have to remember that whilst it’s shorter, it’s still fatter which makes up for it.

I love the smaller wand, because it is much easier to handle for someone (meaning me) with terrible hand-eye coordination, and I didn’t find myself dotting my nose with the end of the wand!

Overall: It’s a cute little mascara, that doesn’t clump (too much) and loves great, even if there isn’t that much difference between the settings!

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Kat needs YOU

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Hey guys, I know that I promised a review of my Betty Hula samples, but it came to mind earlier, that I’m going to be on holiday in 16 days, and since I’ll be pretty much half way up a mountain, I don’t know what my Wi-Fi Router’s signal will be like, so I can’t predict if I’ll be able to blog each day or not.

Sooooo, I’ve decided to write some blog in advance, so I don’t have to  worry about whether or not I have a signal! But, writing seven blogs in one go is a little bit much, so I’m looking for anyone who wants to write a one-off guest blog.

  • Blogs can be about anything, ie review, rant, debate, looks, tips etc as long as it is beauty related.
  • Images will be a huge help, but I can whip some up if necessary.
  • If you run a blog, website etc I will happily include links 
  • Not all blogs will be used, and I reserve the right to edit blogs, although this will never effectt he overall feel of your writing.
  • Potential bloggers have until Tuesday 31st August 2010 to send their submissions
  • Send your submissions to katmusselwhite@gmail.com 
  • If you have any questions regarding the Guest Blogging spots, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email

Looking forward to what you guys have to say, and good luck.

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