Word of the Week: Minute


Word of the Week MinuteWe all know that sixty minutes make up an hour, and what the word “minute” means when it comes to telling time, but the word’s history is a little bit more unclear.

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology, the word minute – as we know it – comes from the Old French “minut” in the late 14th Century, from the Middle Latin word “minuta” which means a small note. In Middle Latin, the term “pars minute prima” means “first small part” and was a phrase used by the mathematician Ptolemy to describe a sixtieth of a full-circle.

However, noting that Ptolemy existed long before Middle Latin (Ptolemy; pronounced tolemi; was born in about AD 90 and died in roughly AD 168, whilst Middle Latin; or Medieval Latin as it is more commonly known; was the language used throughout the Middle Ages which wasn’t until the 5th to 15th Century.) I find it difficult to form a strong grasp of the real origins of the word.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the origins are confusing, so if anyone out there wants to shed more light on the origins of a word that is now so common place with our language, please do feel free to share.



Word of the Week: Internet


Word of the Week Internet

The Internet is something that all of us use almost every day (well, if you’re on this blog, you probably do!). And I’m not going to patronise you by telling you what the Internet is, because again, if you’re on this blog, you probably already have a fairly good idea about what it is, what it does and all that.

However, as a wordsmith I’m always fascinated by the origins of a word, and I was keen to discover the etymology (we’ll look at that word another week, perhaps?) of a very modern word, so I thought that Internet might be a good word to take a look at!

Modern words are interesting, because they don’t tend to derive from other languages as such, but more from other English words and terms. Quite often, especially in the case of the word Internet, the word represents a shift, or change, perhaps technologically or culturally. I guess that you could describe this best as a “natural progression” in modern language.

The word Internet derives from the words “international” and “arpanet“.

Arpanet stands for “Advanced Research Projects Agency network“, and was the world’s first method of switching networks, making it a precursor to the Internet as we know it today. It was originally used for research purposes, especially within laboratories and universities in America, and was financed by the US Ministry of Defence.

The term “Internet” was first coined in around 1974 and shows a change in what the advanced networks were being used for, as they shifted from being tools for research, to a method of connecting networks on a much grander scale.




How to move Images from your Phone to your PC without Cables


Mobile Phones are pretty amazing things, aren’t they? Not only can you check your email no matter where in the world you are (as long as you have signal, of course!), but the capabilities of mobile phone camera sometimes takes my breathe away.

Cameras, on mobile phones, are great for taking pictures of lots of things, whether you are a blogger, a business owner or just about anyone, including:

  • Capturing special moments
  • Offering sneak peeks of upcoming products (I always think Instagram-based sneak peeks are a great idea, because there’s something more personal about it, almost as if the company is letting me peek into their personal life – so yeah, that sounded creepy!)
  • Taking pictures of products that you want to review
  • Snapping funny/silly/rude signs that you just have to share

But, if you are anything like me, you might have noticed that cables have this inate need to somehow sprout a pair of legs, and disappear into some random hole – presumably under the sofa, in a pets mouth etc. I don’t know how it happens, but it nearly always does, so for a long time I was always stuck with images on my phone, and no way of moving them over to my phone. Which was pretty annoying.

But wait, there’s got to be another way

And there is!

Virtually everyone is on Facebook these days, and if you’re not – why not? Because if you’re looking for a really easy and super fast way of moving images from your phone to your PC without cables, then Facebook is your new best friend.

Basically, I recently discovered that you can now sync your images with Facebook. This means that whenever you take photos on your phone’s camera, they will sync over to your Facebook account, meaning that they are ready for you to download and edit, by the time you switch your PC on – pretty neat huh?

But wait, I don’t necessarily want to share my unedited images with all my Friends and Family

Of course you don’t, that would just be crazy. However, don’t panic, because all images that sync to Facebook can only be seen by you, until you authorise them to be shared. So, don’t worry, those blurry images of the cat doing cartwheels, are totally safe!

So, how does this syncing malarky work?

First of all, you’ll need to set Facebook up to sync, which isn’t too difficult to do.

1. Open up the Facebook App on your phone (if you don’t already have the Facebook App, it’s really easy to download from the Play Store, or wherever else you can download apps).

2. If you have the updated version of Facebook (you might need to update it, if it doesn’t look like the image below), then you’ll see four icons at the bottom of the screen, and you want to select the one that looks like an open book (far right). The icons look like this:Facebook App Settings Button3. The Top of the Screen that you arrive on should say “Bookmarks“, and you’ll want to scroll down, until you are nearly at the bottom, where you will find the sub-heading “Settings“: 1062408_10201667071907572_216088095_n

4. Select “App Settings“, and you’ll come to a white screen. From here, underneath “General Settings“, you want to select the option:  “Sync Photos“:1060630_10201667072107577_686301083_n

5. Now you’ll be given three options:

  • Sync over Wi-Fi or Cellular (only choose this option, if you are happy to use your own date allowance. So, if you have limited data usage, you might want to avoid this one).
  • Sync over Wi-Fi only (select this if you have limited data usage, but are able to connect to Wi-Fi, either at home/work/school/library etc).
  • Don’t sync my photos (this is what you’ll click, if you decide – in the future – that you don’t want to sync your images any more


This area will also allow you to sync all of the photos that are already on your PC. If you don’t select this option (as you can see I haven’t), then only new photos, that you take in the future, will sync to Facebook.

That is basically all you need to do to set you the syncing, so go take some photos, so that we can move on to the next stage!

Okay, great, now how do I get this photos off Facebook, before they’re revealed to the entire world?

1. The first thing to do is make sure that your images have actually synced to Facebook, because your phone probably won’t tell you. So,  head over to Facebook on your PC, and on the tool bar, at the top left of the screen, you’ll want to open the “Notifications” tab, which is the globe-shaped icon to the left of the Search Bar:

facebook tool bar


2. If the Sync has been a success, you should see something that looks like this, somewhere in the depths of your notifications:

facebook sync success


Notice, that this does confirm the fact that the synced photos are indeed “private”.

3. Click the notification, to open up the private folder, and you’ll be able to see all of your pretty images (oooh eeer!):

Facebook sharing synced images

4. If you do decide to share your images on your timeline, then as demonstrated above, all you need to do is select the Tick button at the top right corner of the image. The button will then turn green, and a green number will appear next to the Share Photos button, confirming how many images you are going to share.

I really do not want to share anything – argh!

5. If, on the other, you don’t want to share the image (because you’ve accidentally included the volume button, perhaps!), then all you do is leave it unselected, and it will remain private, so that only you can see it.

6. To download the picture, to your PC, just click on the photo to make it bigger:

Facebook Download Image

You’ll be able to easily scroll through all your images here, using the left and right arrows.

7. At the bottom left, you’ll see two buttons. Click “Delete” if you really hate the image and want rid of it forever, or click “options” if you still want to download it.

8. Under “options“, select Download and it will be downloaded onto your PC.

And that’s it. Pretty simple huh?

If you have any questions about syncing images to Facebook, please feel free to ask 🙂

Word of the Week: Myth


Word of the Week Myth

When I think of this week’s Word of the Week: Myth, I instantly think of the story of Robin Hood, which is perhaps one of the most well-loved English myths.

The funny thing about myths is that quite often there is an element of truth behind them, but all-in-all, they are typically fictional. However, what does the word actually mean?

The Oxford English Dictionary describes a myth as:

  1. A traditional story of early history or explaining a natural event

  2. A widely held but false belief

Originally deriving from the Ancient Greek word “Mythos”, meaning “speech, thought, story, anything delivered by word of mouth”. From the Greek, came the Modern Latin word “Mythus”. It is not known when either the Greek or the Modern Latin words first appeared. However, it is known that the English word that we use today originates in around 1830, but its first definite date in etymology is 1818 with the French word “Mythe”. The English evidently removed the “e” and the meaning remains fairly unchanged, throughout history.

Grab Your OPI Polishes Quick


Just a quick post to say that if you were interested in buying some cheap OPI polishes, the Lena White website is still running a Sale until 5pm today. AND if you enter EXTRA10 when you’re ordering, you’ll save another 10%…pretty good don’t you think 🙂

Here are a few products that will be available, in the OPI Sale, until 5pm today (23.01.2012)


Cuckoo For This Colour
Excuse Moi!
From The Muppets Collection

Fiercely Fiona
From the Shrek Collection

I Lily Love you
It’s My Year!
Nice Stems! Mini Pack

I MAY have just ordered a couple of these products, but I’m not going to share which since they might just be a present for someone…that really depends on how much I like them 😛

Are you planning on grabbing a bargain from the Lena White website? 
You have to admit that these a damn good deal!!

** I was NOT asked to write this post, I am NOT being paid to write it, and I did NOT receive a press release about it. I am just a huge fan of OPI polishes, and I know that a lot of ladies (myself included) can hardly ever afford to buy them, so I thought that it was a great Sale to share. I only share sales etc, if I am genuinely interested in them **

OPI The Muppets Mini Collection Review


Do you know how you know that you have truly become a Beauty Blogger? Is it when you find yourself buying beauty products, not because you need or sometimes even want them, but because you want to write a blog post about them? Nope, it’s when you’ve managed to convince someone else to part with a large amount of cash buying all of the things that you really fancy, but can’t actually afford, so that you can *cough* “test the products out on their behalf”.

Yep, I’ve gotten to that stage with my Mum. Back in 2010, I introduced her to Urban Decay, and now I have brought OPI into her Rimmel-obsessed life. When it came to introducing her to Urban Decay, I wasn’t worried about whether she’d like the products or not, because she’d actually been “introduced” to them all by the Sales Assistant in Debenhams through a mini make over, so she knew that she liked them before she bought them.

As OPI is a great deal more expensive than Rimmel, however, I was a little worried that this time I might have got it wrong. Normally, this wouldn’t concern me, because she always quips that if she doesn’t like, then she’ll give it to me (see, I definitely see a lot of benefits out of this ;P), but when it’s something a little bit pricier than the average, I feel a bit guilty about it.

She ended buying a full-sized bottle of Diva of Geneva, and luckily, she absolutely loved it. She loved the fact that you only need one coat to see how amazing the colour was, and she also loved how quickly they dried. Another aspect that she was impressed was the size of the brushes of the full-sized bottles, which was an area I’ve never had chance to know about, since I’ve only ever owned mini’s.

And as a result of new-found love, she purchased the collection that this whole blog is about (yeah, long-winded introduction I know, but I thought it was interesting…sort of!!).

Of course the collection is to coincide with the new muppets film, and the names of the polishes are absolutely brilliant in fitting in with the quirkiness of both OPI and the Muppets, which was a childhood love of mine 🙂

Wokka Wokka

Wokka Wokka is an absolutely stunning and vibrant red berry shade, and even though OPI describe it as festive, which it of course is, I also feel that it will be a perfect summery colour.

Not entirely sure how the colour fits in with the name (maybe someone can enlighten me?!), but I love the name nonetheless.

Excuse Moi

Possibly the best named polish in existence, but a strange polish I have to say. As  you can definitely tell, it is a very glittery pink shade that lives up to it’s name in that it does make a statement. But, the colour isn’t really to my taste. I don’t know what it is, but it just doesn’t appeal to me.

My Mum and I, however, have taken to wearing this as a top coat over dark pink and red shades which works really nicely, and I highly recommend this product for that purpose, especially if you want to spice up a colour a little bit. We’ve yet to try it with other colours, but I’m not personally convinced that’ll work too well.

Designer….De Better!

When I first looked at the Muppets Mini Collection, this was the polish that I was the most intrigued by. It looked, to me, like it was going to be a metallic brown shade, and I really like metallic-based colours. Unfortunately, Designer…De Better! isn’t like that at  all. Instead, it is more of a very subtle shade, that looks more like a very light silvery taupe shade than brown, which looking at the picture, yeah, I can see how it’s that colour. But, yeah, I’m not too keen on it anymore.

Warm and Fozzie

Another polish with a great name, I’m really glad that the photo picks up on the golden undertones of Warm and Fozzie, because I think that they are what makes this a fantastic colour to wear, because even though it’s a brown (and I really hate browns!!), the gold makes it a really beautiful colour.

It’s probably not a shade that you would wear for work, but then again, you probably wouldn’t wear any of these shades for work.

Overall: I really love this collection, even if it doesn’t belong to me *sob* and I definitely recommend it, because it wasn’t what I expected it to be at all.

You can either buy these four as a set, or some of them can be bought separately, in full-size bottles. The Lena White website, also features a range of other colours within The Muppets Collection, which are also worth a look.

Coincidentally, Lena White are currently holding a sale, and full-size bottles in this range are being sold at just £5, which is fantastic, and I’m sorely tempted to grab myself a couple 😉

Should you Store Nail Polish in the Fridge?


This is a question that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, and it was something that I was told a really long time ago, by someone who I can’t even remember. It could have been a friend, it could have been in a magazine, I honestly haven’t got a clue.

As a result, I’ve sworn by keeping my polishes in the Fridge, in a vain attempt to encourage them to last a bit longer. But, what I really want to know is? Am I absolutely crazy, and wasting my time? Or is there some truth to the Old Wives Tale? My post-NaNoWriMo challenge, is to find out!

One thing is for sure, when I recently tested all of my nail polishes to see if any needed throwing away because they had gone hard (attempting to thin my collection down), I only ended up throwing two away because they’d gone hard. But is that evidence alone? No, probably not!

Looking around the internet, general opinion on this subject seems very, VERY divided. There are those that do it religiously and swear that it definitely does extend the life of the polish, whilst there are others who are adamant that storing them in the fridge actually makes them go harder quicker, rather than keeping them thin. In fact, many people recommend keeping bottles in a cool (note cool, not cold), dry place, and yeah fridges aren’t particularly dry.

It seems to be a classic case of no one really appears to know for sure.

So what do the experts say? Finding an expert to ask about such matters is quite difficult, purely because it raises the question of who is qualified to give a solid response that is more than just an overall opinion. It’s fine to have an opinion, of course, but I really wanted to find some solid fact-based evidence to say either way. So, is a Nail Technician qualified to know? How about a company that manufactures polishes? Or maybe it’s a Scientist that I should be approaching, I really haven’t a clue on this one.

The only real advice my internet search came up with was the following, from Oprah Winfrey’s website, in which OPI Exectutive Vice President states the following:

storing polish in the fridge will slow down the discoloration that happens as polish gets older. She suggests keeping the bottles upright, because if a bottle falls on its side it’s harder to shake the pigments back together. The cosmetic chemist Mort Westman explains that refrigeration reduces solvent evaporation and pigment caking and settling.
But Mort, who must like to think of everything, expressed a concern. If you keep a highly flammable mixture (the polish) in a sealed box (the refrigerator) with a motor that could spark, what might happen if the bottle breaks or opens?
Bottom line: Though your polish will last longer in the refrigerator, it’s probably safer to keep it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight—and potential sparks.
Read more: http://www.oprah.com/style/How-to-Store-Nail-Polish#ixzz1fQ5qNyjU

It’s certainly an interesting viewpoint, which alongside other thoughts, that storing in the fridge may just be silly. However, if something appears to be working, should a person stop doing it just because others don’t agree? Well, that’s probably up to individuals, but it is most definitely something to think about.

I say, store your polishes where ever fits in with your lifestyle, and if any one else questions that choice, stuff them.

Where do you store your polishes? Do you think anything really slows polishes from becoming gloopy and thick, or do you think it’s inevitable as the product ages?

Share your thoughts below.

100 Things That Make Me Happy: Part Three

Twenty One.
Chocolate Milkshake
Image found here.

Twenty Two.
Shia LeBeouf
Twenty Three.
Image courtesy of Square Enix.

Twenty Four.

Sheldon Cooper

(yes, I know I already said “Big Bang Theory”, 
but Sheldon is in a class of his own!!)
Twenty Five.
Oh, you know that you want one….don’t you…?
Twenty Six.
Care Bears
Twenty Seven.
Pretty Nails

Twenty Eight.
Bill Bailey
 Twenty Nine.
Image found here.
Receiving comments and thoughts 
on my blog.
Image found here.


100 Things That Make Me Happy: Part Two

Listening to music really loud on headphones.
Image found here.

Image found here.

Archers and Coke
Image found here.
Big Bang Theory
Image found here.

Momiji and Hello Kitty
Image found here.
Image found here.

Image found here.

Finding a good Charity Shop Bargain

Final Fantasy

Doing what I want with my life…
I don’t think it’s possible to find a picture to signify this one 🙂

Part Three coming soon….


100 Things That Make Me Happy: Part One


When I was writing up the post regarding the winners of the Cosmo Blog Awards, I found myself very drawn to the Sofia’s Journal Blog. Perhaps because I have a bit of a soft spot for cute drawings, and I absolutely love Sofia’s header, and overall design.

So, whilst having a little snoop around, I spied her 100 Things series, chronicalling 100 Things that make her happy, and considering the nature of my blog, I felt that this was make a great feature. So, I hope she doesn’t mind, but I’ve decided to do one for myself. Not sure, how long this series will last before I run out of ideas, but here is part one!!

My Cat: Patch

Patch turned 18 back in May, so it’s fair to say that he isn’t a young bean anymore. But, for a long time since we’ve had him, Patch has not been the friendliest cat in the slightest. In fact, I’m amazed that my Primary School teachers didn’t call my parents regarding self-harm issues, due to all the scratches I had on my legs at one point, caused by the ever-so-darling cat!!

Nevertheless, over the past few months, Patch has really softened up, and he’s become a really loving and affectionate cat. And, despite his often nastiness, I wouldn’t change him for the world.

Image found here.
Anyone who reads my blog regularly, might already have a good idea that I am a HUGE lover of quotes, especially ones that are inspiring and/or make you think. It doesn’t matter if they are from an amazing piece of literature, a song lyric, or a line from a quote. They might just be from the mind of someone “normal”.
Having something to look forward to.

You have to admit that unless you work in certain industries, life can get pretty boring at times so it is really great to have things to look forward to. At the minute, I’m looking forward to going to a Final Fantasy music concert next weekend, as well as seeing Bill Bailey the day before (hurrah!)


I don’t if this is a “reverting to childhood” kinda thing, but I love bubbles, and popping them always inspires a huge smile on my face 😀


This is something that I don’t do often enough, but I absolutely love going swimming. It’s so relaxing, and invigorating.

Finishing a really good book
There is something amazingly satisfying about closing a book that you have really enjoyed, for the last time.

That feeling, in a cinema when the lights go down
I don’t think I can really explain how or why this makes me happy, but as long as I’m not surrounded by baboons who insist on talking through the entire film, I’m content 😀

Image found here.
Writing is my whole life. I live it and I breathe it. I even did my Degree in it. If I was told that I couldn’t write anymore, I don’t know what I’d do with myself…the world would just stop!

Steam Trains
Image found here.
I may try to deny it on a regular basis, but I am a huge lover of steam trains. I grew up visiting the Ffestiniog Railway, in North Wales, and I don’t think that I will ever get bored of going there 🙂 
Exploring the United Kingdom
Beddgelert, in Wales. Taken by Kat M
The United Kingdom is such a beautiful collection of countries, and I never get bored to visiting some truly amazing places.
Part Two coming soon 😉