Tag Challenge: Day 22: A Website

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Day 22: A Website for Kat…why is it so hard?

I have to admit, that I’ve been avoiding this Tag for the past few days, mainly because the majority of the websites that I frequent are the bog-standard every-visits-those websites, and I didn’t want to say Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, because they’re just boring aren’t they? I mean, yeah, we all visit them practically every single day, but what is there left to be said about them, that hasn’t been said a million times before?

So, I thought I’d talk about my own website (this might sound like self-promotion overload, but bear with me, because it really isn’t!)

I registered my self-named domain over a year ago now (and boy, has that year sped by), but in those twelve months, I’d be amazed if the domain hasn’t begun to feel a bit travel sick. My problem is that I want a self-promoting website that tells everyone who I am, what I do, and to encourage them to hire my services as a writer. That sounds really simple, doesn’t it? And I can imagine a lot of you are thinking “you’re a writer, it’s what you do for a living”, but it’s actually not what I do for a living. I promote other people, other things, other services, I don’t promote myself, and I have to say that promoting myself is not an easy task.

It’s probably a self-confidence issue, hmm, no, it is definitely a self-confidence issue, but I just can not promote myself in a way that I feel happy with. I don’t want to feel like I’m bragging about anything, but I don’t want to play down on anything either. And then there’s the question of what to include and what not to include. Do I write it from the first person, or the third person? Do I keep it 100% professional, or do I write it a little more casual and fun?

As a result, I have created more websites for that domain than I care to remember, never entirely happy with one, but I keep it until something better come along, and then I create another one that still just doesn’t quite click with me.

A few months ago, I actually gave up trying, and the domain has been leading people to my Tumblr account instead, which is like a big compilation of several of my blogs. This, of course, doesn’t feel right.

I just want to create a website that I’ve done for myself, and that I am 100% (okay 75% will probably do) happy with, and that just suits a need and a purpose, and that I don’t feel the need to edit other than to keep it upto date.

Apparently, for me, that is too much to ask 🙂

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Tag Challenge: Day 20: A Hobby of Yours

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Day 20: My Hobby

After this blog, and my writing, you might have guessed, but playing Video Games is one of my favourite hobbies. Despite that I’m actually quite a fussy gamer. My boyfriend and my brother are both HUGE gamers, and love everything from racing, to first person shoot-em-ups etc and they have collections of games that are practically sky high. Me,on the other hand, well, I’m only really a fan of RPG‘s…I must save so much money being so picky hehe, but boy did it make it difficult to write a top ten favourite game list…but, here it is, in no particular order!

Persona 4

Kingdom Hearts 2
The World Ends With You
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core + Special Edition PSP (all mine :D)
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy XII
Star Ocean: First Departure

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Tag Challenge: Day 15: A Fanfic

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Count Your SheepImage via Wikipedia

When I was at Uni, I used to read a lot of online comics (the only one that I still read is called Count your Sheep, so funny, so cute, check it out ;-D), but one of them I used to read/watch was a fanfic of the old video games: Secret of Mana. I have to admit that I haven’t looked at that fanfic in years, so I don’t know if it still exists, but I couldn’t find it at all when I did a (very) quick Google search for it, but I’m not really certain what it was called, or even where the author hosted it. But I’m fairly certain that the author had taken proper in-game footage and added his own “talk” to it, it was really clever, and as somone who had never played the games, that comic made me want to! The sign of a good fanfic!
Tetsuya Nomura's designs of the main playable ...Image via WikipediaAs a writer, Fanfiction is one type of writing that I have just never been able to “master”. Long before I played the Final Fantasy and Disney crossover games Kingdom Hearts, I actually attempted to write my own fanfic using characters from Final Fantasy VII, VIII IX and X, in a world where they all existed together. Unfortunately, my fanfic didn’t get very far.

My problem is that for a fanfic, you need to take someone elses settings, their characters and their characterisations. But, being someone who  gets a huge amount of pleasure from creating characters, I found it incredibly difficult to mould myself around these characters, rather than moulding them around me, as I normally would.

For that reason alone, I have the utmost respect for anyone who can write Fanfic well, and when I say well, there are an unfortunate amount of “writers” who write poor fanfics, so finding a true gem is such a special thing.

One issue I have with writing fanfics, is that even if you write the best piece of literature since War and Peace (open to great debate, of coure especially since I’ve never read the book and have no intention of ever reading it!! Life’stoo short haha!), you will never really get that much recognition for all of your hard work. Even if people like it, you just know that you could never get it published because it’s legally someone elses creation, with your words. And, unless the original (probably very wealthy) creator is feeling generous,they’re unlikely to actually let you have the copyright to use it. It’s a huge shame.

But, like what I was saying in yesterday’s Non-Fiction blog, about buying Gaming games, and owning merchandise, writing fan fiction is like shouting to the world about how much you love something, and it kind of helps to keep it alive long after the book/film/game has ended and for a lot of people I think that is really quite special.

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Tag Challenge: Day 12: Whatever Tickles my Fancy

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Day 12: Whatever Tickles my Fancy

A few nights ago, I was having a conversation with the boyfriend, and I realised that I haven’t done any writing for myself in…I can’t even remember how long! When I say “for myself”, I mean fiction writing. It’s quite sad that it’s been so long, because writing has been my personal solace since a really young age. So, this morning I decided to set up another blog dedicated to a story that I’ve been working on for a long time.

The idea is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be read in the order that I write it, which is why I’ve given the reader the opportunity to read through it by year, rather than chapter. Of course, it can be read in order!

Click the picture below to check out how it’s going, and don’t forget to leave some feedback 🙂

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Tag Challenge: Day 10: A Photo of me taken over 10 years ago

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Okay, this post is finally here! The original picture is of myself and one of my brothers. However, I decided that my brother would absolutely kill me if he saw, so I decided to cut him out, and just include the part of the picture of myself!
I think that I was 5 when this was taken…aww, so cute and goodness know what happened after this ;-p

Wow…so this is what my hair colour is naturally…haven’t seen it in about eight years!! heehee!!
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Tag Challenge: Day 05: Favourite Quote

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Day 05: The Beauty of Quotes

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a writer, but I am a huge lover of quotes. If there’s something I want to convey, a point I want to get across, or an emotion that I need summing up, it is almost guaranteed that there will be a quote somewhere that will sum it up into this bite-size piece of language, that is so concise and yet speaks volumes.
The quote I’ve picked is one that I’ve known off by heart since I was about ten years old, when my older brother bought me a Winnie the Pooh Video for Christmas.

The quote means a lot to me, because it has been kind of like my “confidence boost” before Job Interviews, and I always text it to my boyfriend and friends when they’re nervous about a first day or first date. It has never ever failed to make me smile, and it is most definitely the most inspirational quote. It’s just ironicthat it was spawned out of a children’s book…

That quote is:

“You’re stronger than you seem,
Braver than you believe,
and smarter than you think!”

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Tag Challenge: Day 04: Favourite Book

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Day 04: Favourite Book

When I was a kid, books were a huge part of my life. and I practically lived in various local libraries. Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older, and life has gotten a bit more “hectic”, I can’t get my head to settle into a book and I’ve found that I’ve become incredibly picky about what i read….I have a growing pile of books that I’ve started reading, and just couldn’t get into.

Despite that, I was recently encouraged to read a book, that appeared to be everywhere at some point. Everyone seemed to be reading it, everyone seemed to be reviewing it and everyone seemed to be loving it (with a small group of individuals that hated it with a passion, or refused to even give it a try, purely because it was so well known!)

I ended up absolutely loving the book so much, that I even tried to read it slower to prolong it! That book was…

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Personally, I’ve never read a book set in World War 2 where the main protagonist wasn’t Jewish (When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and Anne Frank’s Diary), so I actually liked the fact that it was from a very different point of view. It was nice to read a story from another side of the coin, showing that not all German’s were sucked into Hitler’s web of “crap”!!

I know a few people have complained that using Death as the narrator was “gimmicky”, but I thought it fit perfectly, and worked nicely. The writing sucked me in, and refused to spit me out until I was (without revealing any plot) floating in floods of tears, it was so emotive.

I would definitely read it again! Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find anything good enough to follow it!!
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Tag Challenge: Day 03: Favourite TV Programme

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Day 03: Favourite TV Programme

Would you believe that picking just one, was really difficult again. I love so many shows, including Friends, Being Human, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother…but in the end, I opted for the one thing that I am really loving at the minute, that I hate when I miss an episode of, and that is….

Being Erica

What Channel: E4 (in the UK)

What Time: 12:05am…which is absolutely ridiculous! It used to be on at 10pm, right after One Tree Hill, but the so-called Top Dogs at E4 decided to stupidly replace it with a Sex Education programme, and place it at ridiculous o’clock after a repeat of Shameless!!

Synopsis: Erica’s life isn’t quite going to plan, despite her best efforts. And so pop up Doctor Tom, a rather eccentric man who loves to quote random randomness! Thanks to Doctor Tom, Erica is given the chance to go back to various points in her life, in order to do things differently, or at least to learn where she’s gone wrong.

Why I love it: Being Erica has been such a breathe of fresh air, with it’s light humour and charm. Plus, I can’t help be really jealous of a girl who can go correct some of her past wrongs. It’s a great programme with a lot of heart, and we can all relate to how Erica feels about her life, because we all do stupid things, and/or make mistakes that we’d love to sort out.

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Tag Challenge: Day 02: Favourite Movie

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Day 02: Favourite Movie

Oh god! I thought that picking a favourite song was tough, but picking a favourite film? I could be here all day, so I’ve decided to pick a different film from different genres, because I cannot pick just one film…it’s too hard! And, I don’t care if this is cheating heehee!! Some rules are just begging to be broken!!

Sooo, here we go, in no particular order!!

Favourite Disney
Favourite Pixar
Monster’s Inc
Favourite Studio Ghibli
Laputa Castle in the Sky
Favourite Oldie
Little Women

Favourite Action

Favourite Sci-Fi
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Favourite Fantasy
Pan’s Labyrinth

Favourite Romantic Comedy
Bridget Jones

Favourite Comedy: 
Simpsons: The Movie

Favourite Mystery Thriller: 
The Sixth Sense

Favourite Adventure
The Goonies

Favourite Coming-of-Age
Stand by Me

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