2013: A Year in Blog Posts

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2013“The Time has come, the Walrus said” to look back on the year that has been 2013. It has been such a weird year in both my work and personal life, with plenty of travels, ups and down and twisty bits in the middle. But, as we reach the final day of the year 2013, I thought that I would share some of the blog posts that I’ve written over the past twelve months.

Perhaps you missed them, perhaps you remember them, but here is my Year in Blog Posts:


The first month of 2013 was – as per usual – quite a thoughtful month for my blogging, but the two posts that stand out for me, are a Writing Inspiration post, as well as a Nail of the Day from the beauty side of things:

NOTD: Dark Skies

Pictures 002I’ve fallen a little off the tracks when it comes to nail art, and actually wearing nail polish over the past couple of months, so it is nice to look back and remind myself what I love so much about nail polish – as well as why I own so much of the stuff.

Writing Inspiration: Will Grayson, Will Grayson


As both a writer and an avid reader, I have a keen love for cherishing every part of a novel, even after I have finished it. Will Grayson, Will Grayson was not one of my favourite reads of 2013, but that’s not to say that it’s not possible to take inspiration from it.


February seems to have been another month of thought – obviously January wasn’t enough for thinking – as I questioned my moral grounding with regards to the fact that I own a Kindle, MP3 player etc, but still feel obliged to purchase books and CDs to support struggling shops:

Books, Downloads and Buyer Morals


It’s funny, because I’m still not really sure how I stand on this. I moved house recently, carting a large number of CDs, books and DVDs along for the ride, despite the fact that I have an ever growing download collection on my phone, a Kindle full of books and a subscription to LoveFilm.

NOTD: Metallic Green Grass

Metallic nails

My love for funky nail polish continued also, into February with a Nail of the Day featuring one of the Barry M Magnetic polishes that I’m still quite fond of. I love how simple they are to use, and how easy it is to create really lovely nail art, with very little effort.


March and April seem to have been quiet points in the life of personal blogging Рas often happens when work-life takes over Рbut  I did still manage to write a Nail of the Day post in April:

NOTD: Ethereal Girl


Ethereal Girl is such a lovely Spring-type shade of polish. However, I will add that I did eventually find the White Orchid nail polish that I had originally been looking for (now found in Rimmel’s pricier nail polish range!).


May was an intriguing month, as I discovered the most random book:

Books in Real Life: Tanks


I really do love the idea behind this book – not that I can imagine that many people own a tank – but I can imagine that it could be quite interesting, to people who are interested in mechanics etc, to discover how Tanks were constructed. I think I would probably have found it even more appealing if I had found it whilst studying the First World War for GCSE History!

Random Scribblings: Memories

Random Scribblings is something that I don’t do enough of, but in May I unearthed a piece that I had written back in 2007, but had sadly never finished. I wish that I had written more relating to gig experiences, because they are always memorable events, and sometimes photos just aren’t enough at capturing the raw emotion of going.


June saw the beginnings of my ongoing fight against jargon – if you didn’t know, I absolutely detest unnecessary jargon – with a post relating to the sometimes baffling world of HTML.

Jargon Busting HTML

In my opinion, HTML is a form of jargon that definitely has its place in the world, because it is like a universal language of the internet, that allows us to create and do things that we want with websites/blog posts etc. The problem is that learning HTML is just like learning a typical language, so I wanted to help explain a few of the very basics.

Most people will only ever need the basics, anyway.

Writing Inspiration: Looking for Alaska

June’s writing inspiration came from yet another John Green novel – 2013 has definitely been the year of John Green – this time in the form of Looking for Alaska. This book is probably my second favourite Green book, behind Paper Towns.

But it wasn’t just books that inspired my writing in June:

Writing Inspiration: Cha-Ching (Til We Grow Older)



Quite a few bands have been popular on my playlists throughout 2013, but I don’t think any have had the impact that Imagine Dragons have had, in terms of writing inspiration. I just think that their lyrics are incredibly powerful, and for a writer lyrics are what makes a good song – although a kickass melody works well too ūüėČ

First Impressions: Primark Eyeshadow Palette

Palette Open Edited

It’s easy to get a little “nose-in-air” about Primark cosmetics, particularly because they’re so darn cheap. However, I’ve been a fan of their oil-free facial wipes for a while now, so it was only a matter of time before I decided to test out one of the palettes, and I was not disappointed.


After a slow and snowy start, the lovely weather of July obviously revived the blogger in me as I seemed to really pick up the pace with a whole catalogue of various delights:

5 Ways to Conquer SEO

nghien-cuu-tu-khoaSEO is the Internets obsession, and whether you love it or hate it – I don’t hate SEO, because I can see its purpose, I just hate the obsession with it – and this guide was designed to help people to conquer SEO, before SEO has had the chance to conquer you.

Camp NaNoWriMo

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

July also saw another writing quest, in the form of Camp NaNoWriMo. I only opted for a small word count for this challenge, but I was proud of myself for completing the task, no less!

Word of the Week: Internet

The writing buzz of Camp NaNoWriMo evidently inspired several writing-related posts, including various Words of the Week, including Internet, Miasma and Myth

Several writing inspirations also appeared, including:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Oblivion (theme from the film)

But the writing side wasn’t the only area to get a real boost, as the beauty blog also bloomed, with a look at what size we really are¬†and returning to the topic of What is Beauty? (2013 Edition)¬†as part of my Positive Beauty series.

Eos and Vaseline Lip Balms

The hot weather also inspired a post about my hot weather make up survival kit, which was very much needed throughout this years glorious summer months. I also reviewed the Yves Saint Laurent Black Eyeliner, as well as shared some bargain hunting from T.K. Maxx (everybody loves a good bargain, afterall!).


August was quite a personal thirty one days, as I dedicated a series of letters to my favourite month of the year. I don’t typically share a great deal about my personal life on the blogs, but I enjoyed the therapeutic nature of my Dear August Series, and I’m pondering whether I should dedicate the August of 2014 to the same task, or perhaps even set myself the challenge throughout the entire year of 2014 – would that be too much?


September was a quiet front on this writing lark, but it wasn’t completely dead as I managed to write two reviews of two very different beauty products:

Lush Emotional Brilliance Liquid Eyeliner

Lush Emotional Brilliance Eyeliner in Motivation

This was an eyeliner that I wasn’t expecting a great deal from, but I was overall quite impressed with. I love when a product proves my first impressions wrong, which is why I think that it is so important for bloggers to really try a product before they blog about them. You really need to put a product through its paces to get to the core of how you feel about it. I’ve made the mistake of reviewing things too early, in the past, and finding that my opinion has substantially altered since I wrote the original review.

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator

I still can’t quite decide if I love or hate the smell of this product, which I no longer think smells like lemons, but as a once-a-week product, I think this is great and highly recommend it.

October / November

October was a quiet month due mainly to the great deal of upheaval that occurred in my private life, with moving house and various other things going on.

Whilst I did prepare to do NaNoWriMo towards the end of October, with two articles:

NaNoWriMo 2013 Checklist

Five NaNoWriMo Tips for When Life Throws You Lemons

I was unfortunately unable to take my own advice as house moving meant that my NaNoWriMo adventure for 2013 ended half way through the month, which is a huge shame. However, I will not let this beat me. For this reason, I have designated January 2014 to be the month when I complete my NaNoWriMo challenge, with the intention of finally reaching that 50,000-word goal! I will not be beaten!


And finally, we reach good ol’ December, which seems weird since as I am writing this, it is still December. However, post-move has given me the time to finally sit down and get back into regular blogging, so there have been a fair few posts over the past thirty days.

In the creative categories we had a word of the week, and a little help with staying creative:

Word of the Week: Nous

How to Stay Creative

20130902_095153There was also a review of Body Shop’s White Musk Gift Set, including their Smoky Rose Body Lotion – which is absolutely divine!

For the business pages we had quite a few posts, so I was obviously feeling quite motivated this month:

How to Kick Jargon in the Butt saw my quest against unnecessary jargon continue, whilst I sought business guidance from those lovely folks across the big pond, in Canada with Three Things the Canadians Can Teach Us About Business.

So, as you can see it has been a busy time in 2013. The blogs have often played second fiddle to earning money – as is life – but I’m hoping to bring the blogs back to life epic style in 2014.

Happy New Year everyone,

and wishing you all a groovy 2014 ūüėČ


Top Tips: How to be a Great Blogger

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Virtually every single “advice” blog and website is telling us that we need to be writing a blog, especially if we run a business. However, what a lot of those sites never seem to do, is tell us exactly how to write those blogs, or even what we should be writing about. So, how are we supposed to get it right?

The truth is, that there isn’t really a right or a wrong answer to blogging. For most people, it’s a case of trial and error and discovering what works for you and your business.

Nevertheless, here are a few tips for how you could start on the road to success, as a blogger, no matter what your business, your niche or your passion in life.

Write about what you are passionate about. I am a huge believer that it is only possible to create anything successful, if you are truly passionate about it. It all goes back to when I was choosing my GCSE options, and my Mum told me to pick subjects that I enjoy, because I’d enjoy studying them and hence I would do better. She was definitely right, and I think the same applies in both business, and in blogging. If something interests you, the chances are that there are people out there, that are just as interested as you are.

Blog regularly, but only when you really have something to say. It’s easy to find yourself trying to write a blog, because you feel that you need to get something out there, so that readers don’t lose interest. However, readers are far more interested in reading interesting posts, every few days, than reading poorly written and underwhelming posts every day that waste their time.

Don’t be afraid to step away from your blog if you are struggling for inspiration. There is nothing wrong with taking a break, especially when you’re just not “feeling it” with your blog, however, be careful not to completely abandon it.

Keep posts short, because most internet-users are “skimmers“, meaning that they probably don’t read things fully, but rather skim for the most important points. If it interests them, there’s a good chance that they’ll read it in depth.

If your posts do need to be long, make sure that you make them interesting. Plus, to help skimmers to figure out if your post is worth reading – for their own interests –¬†try putting key points and words in¬†bold¬†and/or¬†italic. Also, remember to use sub headings, to further enhance what your post is all about.

Put a lot of thought into headlines, because this is what is going to draw your audience in. Entice them, and give people a real reason they want to read your post.

Write in first person, and make your posts really personal. People love to read content that they can relate to, and feels like a human being in talking to them, because it’s like reading the inner thoughts of a friend.

Add images, to break up the monotony of a long post, or to help in making a point. Images can also help to show what you are talking about, or a product that you are selling.

Be uncomplicated, and avoid jargon. I don’t need to tell you how annoying I find jargon, slang terms and highly technical language. So, keep your posts simple and easy to understand. I’m not suggesting that your over-simplify, but ensure that someone who knows nothing about your industry could understand what you are trying to say.

Don’t be afraid to be controversial, especially if you have an opinion that “goes against the grain”. In other words, don’t be afraid to say what you really think about something, however, avoid being controversial just to stir up a reaction, otherwise you may be accused of “trolling“.

On the other hand, expect to bear the brunt of “trolls – people who deliberately say controversial things (typically in comments, disagreeing with you or making personal comments), to stimulate responses of anger. Trolls are typically not very nice people, and certainly not worth the hassle. Try to ignore them, and definitely delete any troll-type comments.

Include links to other websites that are relevant to what your blog is about. It’s good to share the love, and search engines feel quite highly about outgoing links, as much as they do for incoming ones.

Most importantly, enjoy blogging, because it isn’t meant to be stressful.

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Debate: Free Blogging – WordPress or Blogger?

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I’ve been blogging, in various shapes and forms pretty much since 2004, when I was at university, and sharing the woes of my love life – or, should I say my serious lack of…! Over the past eight years, blogging has changed immensely. Blogging today is less about sharing your personal diaries, and more about sharing opinions and getting your voice heard.

For me, it has been great to see blogging grow and thrive into the crazy world that it is today. I’ve seen – and used – various forms of blogging platforms that have attempted to crack the market with varying success, many of which have clung on for dear life before eventually being kicked into the abyss either by lack of users, or when they are bought out by the Big Dogs.

However, two platforms have always been popular choices, and are definitely the two most prominent choices amongst bloggers today. They are of course Blogger and WordPress.

Personally, I’m always torn between the two. When I started my beauty blog in 2010, I actually started out using WordPress, because I couldn’t get my head around Blogger. Eventually, I moved over there because it was where all of the other Beauty Bloggers appeared to be. It took me a long time to get used to Blogger, and for a long time I had my gripes with it. In fact, to this day, I find Blogger to be glitchy and often annoying.

I currently have two blogs over there, my beauty blog: Barefoot Girl and my entertainment blog: Entertained.

However, I recently chose to move my writing blog (which you are reading right now) over here to WordPress. So, as you can tell, I have a big conflict of interests over which I consider to be the best, because they both have their pros and their cons.

Now, it’s important to point out, that when I talk about WordPress, I’m not talking about wordpress.org which is paid for. I’m¬†concentrating¬†on the free alternative.

Image of Blogger's Logo


Despite my early misgivings, when you get used to it, Blogger is an absolute doddle to use, and I actually find it more user-friendly than WordPress. It’s really easy to edit templates, and if you know a little basic HTML it’s easy to use other independently-made templates, to create a blog that is personal to you and what your blog is about, which leads us to my next point.


With Blogger, you are not confined to using the templates that are offer to you, as they allow you do use your own templates if you wish, or ones that you have downloaded from elsewhere. This is great for making blog personal, especially if you run a business and can afford to pay someone to create a template that matches your company in terms of logos etc, and even your website in terms of design. This makes it easier to bring websites and blogs together.


In case you didn’t know, Blogger is owned by Google, making it super easy to use your blog for advertising using Google AdSense. However, until you’re getting a lot of hits, it’s unlikely that you’ll make much money this way.

Image of WordPress's Logo


There is something so much sleeker about WordPress’s templates, which makes them look more professional. For a business, this is incredibly important, however if you’re running a personal blog, it’s probably not what you’d be looking for. However, unless you are willing to pay, you are limited to only using the templates on offer. Most templates are pretty customisable, meaning that you can alter the backgrounds and headers to how you want them, but for some people there still isn’t enough control.


WordPress is perfect for Search Engine Optimisation, and I certainly get a lot more feedback from blogs that I run through it. I’m more likely to get “likes” and comments when I post on WordPress, than I am with Blogger. I don’t know if people on WordPress are just more “chatty“, because I do still get a fair amount of readers to Blogger.

The image uploader is also better designed for optimising your images to draw in more people.


These days, I’m finding myself leaning more towards WordPress, purely because it is much less “glitchy” than Blogger. However, I do still love the ease at which you can make changes to blogs on Blogger, and I enjoy the fact that I’ve learnt a bit of HTML on my blogging journey, which is always helpful.

Which platform do you prefer? WordPress or Blogger?

Or perhaps they are both ideal, just for different purposes.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Debate: Does Spelling Matter?

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As a writer, and a lover of books, I have always been a natural proofreader. I think I get it from my Mum, and neither of us are capable at looking at a menu or a sign in a street without subconsciously noticing spelling mistakes.

However, seeing things like this has opened up this big conflict inside me. On one side, I hate to see spelling errors, but then the other side of me is saying “yes, but we can still understand what it being said, so does it matter?”

Throughout history, the spelling of words has altered to fit current needs with the eventual growth of¬†standardised¬†spellings. So, it seems fairly logical that spellings will continue evolving. However, I don’t think any linguist could have predicted that we would revert back to such an unstandardised state.

So, here’s the question: Are there times when spelling does or doesn’t matter?

Here are my thoughts:

When it does matter:

Example: Recently we have spotted a cafe that spelt its own company name wrong, and a leading department store that had misspelt the name of a food product on a sign that was no doubt used in every single one of their shops, right across the country!

Why this is bad: It looks incredibly unprofessional, especially on a business with a strong reputation and a large collection of shops nationally. Whilst a small business could be excused for have more things to worry about, and not enough time in the sense that the signs were probably written in a rush, larger companies have no excuse.

Larger companies can typically afford to hire more staff than a small one, so surely they can expand someone’s duties to proofreading?

Example: Then there is the case of a certain series of books, that you might have heard of – or even read – called “Twilight”, which have become almost as notorious for their poor spelling, as they have for their absolute ridiculousness – I mean, c’mon sparkling vampires, where the females grow make-up?!

Why this is bad: I’ve done work experience in the Editorial Department of a Publishers, in the past, and I know how important the role of the Editor is. Most importantly, I know how important the role of the proofreader is, so the idea that a proofreader has missed these mistakes, not only once, but every single time that the books have been reprinted, is just astounding.

I think that if the mistakes were evident in the first prints, that would be acceptable, because sure mistakes are missed, especially when Editors might be a little less lenient on books that they are not sure will sell that well. However, surely reviews etc have highlighted the mistakes, so a big publishing house has no excuse but to correct them for further reprints, when they know that people are going to buy them!

When it doesn’t matter:

Example: Blogs and newspapers are rife with spelling and grammar errors, mainly because both are written at a past pace typically to a tight schedule. The problem really lies in the way that they are produced, because they are typed so quickly, meaning a slight flick of a finger towards the wrong key can alter spelling without even noticing.

Why is doesn’t matter: Blogs are typically a personal affair, as a single person shares their thoughts and opinions on something that they are passionate about. Most of the time, these people are writing for themselves, around their full-time jobs, so they don’t have the time to fret about mistakes. Plus, it isn’t the spelling or the grammar, but more what is actually being said that matters.

When it comes to newspapers, we’ve all heard the phrase “tomorrow’s chip paper” haven’t we? I personally don’t see the point of moaning about a spelling mistake in something that will be forgotten by the next day. Unlike magazines, who have longer to produce copy, a newspaper might only have an hour – or even less – to produce a crucial story, so spelling is again second best to the actual content.

Example: Social media and this need to share practically everything has led to a rise in spelling errors, either because people are attempting to shorten what they have to say, or because they are having to write things that in the past they would have predominantly used in spoken communication.

For me, this last point sparks the biggest problem for a lot of people, especially on Facebook. As they are used to speaking, more than writing, many tend to type as they speak, which has led to a rise in the rise of the word “of”, when the correct word is actually “have”.

Why this doesn’t matter: Despite often having to get out a translator to figure out what some people are saying, it is usually possible. And surely that was all the person was ever intending to do right? Share a thought or an opinion.


Spelling matters when you are a company selling a product. Spelling does not matter when what you have to say far overpowers the spelling of it

What do you think? Do you think spelling still matters, or are we all just moaning about nothing? Do you think that it depends on the circumstances, and should there be different rules for different types of writing?

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What does a Freelance Writer actually do?

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I love telling people that I’m a Freelance Writer. That might sound a little crazy, but I honestly feel proud of what I do. I also love the amount of intrigue that spreads from their face to their tone of voice after I tell them. But what I don’t like is the actual response of:

“Oh, do you write for newspapers?”

This has to be the automatic response of 99.99% of the people that I have ever told, and for the record: No, I do not write for newspapers. Why? Because I’m not a journalist.

I have a lot of respect for journalists, I really do – actually, I lie, there are some that I will quite happily admit are the complete scum of the Earth, but the vast majority are actually lovely people. However, journalism is not for me. I did want to be a journalist once upon a time. That was until my older brother told me that to be a journalist, I’d have to be like Gail Weathers, from Scream (played by Courtney Cox), and I knew that I wasn’t a big enough bitch to pull off that role.

But no, journalism has no appeal to me. I’m too opinionated for journalism, which I was always under the impression that you had to be neutral for, but these days that appears to be getting less and less.

That – of course – isn’t really the point of this post. The point is more, okay, so if I’m not writing for newspapers, what the heck am I doing every single day?


As you might imagine, I spend a great deal of my time blogging, and this is what most people understand that I do. But, there are actually two forms of blogging that you’ll find me doing:

For myself:

As a writer, blogging for myself is incredibly important for several reasons:

  1. It gets me writing
  2. It allows me to share my opinion on stuff that I am passionate about
  3. It allows me to represent the areas that I’m passionate about, to potential clients
  4. It shows potential clients my writing style

For clients:

Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked on several blogs for clients. Sometimes, it’s fully representing them and their products, meaning that I’m pretty much the Ghostwriter. Whilst, at other times I’m being myself, sharing my personal opinions.

Other than blogging, most people really aren’t sure what I do, and to be honest it varies on a day-to-basis, which is all part of the joy of the job. But, here are a few snippets of what you might find me doing:

Re-Writing Content:

Quite often, clients know what they want to say, but they don’t feel that their writing is demonstrative of the product and/or service, so they write down the key points and pass them on to me, so that I can piece everything together, so that they are easy to understand, aren’t too “salesy” and hopefully draw customers in.

Sometimes, I might even re-write the same thing several times. This might sound crazy to a lot of people, but when a company wants to advertise their products in different places, they need to provide each “area”/website etc with a different article, purely because search engines don’t like the same copy appearing in multiple locations. This could leave to blacklisting, and for a company, this is bad news.

Web Content:

Web content comes in two varieties:

1. Content that is for use on their website: Landing page, product descriptions etc
2. Content that is used to advertise/promote their website: Articles, Press Releases etc

These two areas are probably what I do the most, for most of my clients.

There you go

So, this is just a small snippet of what I do for my daily life, but as you can see…no magazines or newspapers around. All of my work is done remotely, across the internet but it’s still possible to build some great relationships with clients no matter how you deal with them.

I know that a few writers – and of course clients too – prefer to deal with people that they can meet face-to-face, but in this job, it doesn’t really make a difference.

Of course, I can’t speak for other writers, and what exactly they do to earn their bread and milk every month, but this is an idea of what I personally do. I’m often asked to do other stuff as well, such as social media etc, and that is the part of the job that I love the most: never knowing what each day – or client – will bring.

I hope that this has cleared it up, for a few people, who are never entirely sure what it is I – or other freelance writers – actually do.

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Writers Block: Just Get Writing

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Writer Block. It hits most us a lot more frequently than we’d probably care to admit, and stifles the creativity. So, how do you get those writing juices flowing over, when your brain just can’t think of anything to write?

The best advice I have ever been given, was to just start writing. It doesn’t matter what you write, even if it is the biggest pile of rubbish that you will do absolutely nothing with. The suggestion was that you just write down the first thought that comes into your head even if the first thought just happens to be:

“I have no idea what to write.”

Just keep writing that down, until it becomes so absurd that you realise other thoughts are coming into your head, about how ridiculous what you’re writing it.

It really does not matter what you are writing, as long as it has you doing the physical art of actual writing.

The whole point behind this seemingly pointless exercise, is to practice the notion that:

“to write anything, is better than to write nothing.”

Do this for roughly five minutes, ensuring that you don’t stop other than for sore fingers.

The intention of forcing yourself to write like this, isn’t about what you create, it’s getting yourself into a pattern of regular writing. We all know that if we want to be writers, then we should read as many books as physically possible, but the same can be said about writing. If you want to write, then you need to write as much, and as often as you can, to stimulate your words, and build up a routine for yourself.

And we all know that practice really does make perfect.

So try it out, every day for the next week or so, set aside 5 minutes to do this exercise and just write anything. If it spurs an idea or motivates you to work on something completely different, then brilliant. But, if it doesn’t then don’t stress out about it. Just do your five minutes and then move on to doing something else completely, and try again tomorrow.

Jiji Kiki Giveaway **CLOSED**

Blogging, thank you

Hey Girls,

As you know, this week I am celebrating Kat’s Beauty Reviews’ first birthday, and I really wanted to do something that said “Thank You” for all of the support and love you’ve all given my blog over the past twelve months, because I honestly appreciate every single on of you guys. Without you, I would not be here.

To say thank you, I’m going to be running two giveaways over the course of this week, and today I’m bringing you the first one, for which I am honoured to have teamed up with the lovely Emma, from Jiji Kiki.

Emma has very kindly donated a set of Gingerbread ear rings and a star necklace to the very lucky winner of my first Birthday Giveaway:

Tiny Silver Star Necklace

Jiji Kiki says:

“A tiny, delicate silver plated star necklace. Perfect to add simple chicness to your outfit and sure to become a new favourite.
This lovely little star measures just 1 cm across and is strung on a fine, silver plated 18″ chain.”

I say:
Specially picked for you, by Emma, this is a really adorable, but simple piece that proves that simplicity can make a very big statement.
Gingerbread Stud Earrings

Jiji Kiki says:
“Sweet gingerbread man or lady earrings.¬† Gingerbread brown with black detailing-the lady has a dress and the man a little bow tie.
Measure 2 cm tall, on silver plated studs with butterfly backs.

Price per pair, choose from matching pairs of men or women or a mixed pair of one of each!¬†Handmade by Ji Ji Kiki.”

I say:

This prize was especially chosen for this Giveaway by me, so you know that this is a piece that I love. I am a huge, huge fan of quirky pieces and fell in love with these little characters from the moment that I saw them.

Both of these items could be yours, if you are the lucky winner of my first ever Giveaway. And, the winner will get to choose which Gingerbread earrings they want: Either Male, Female or a Mixed Pair.

How to Enter:

  • Open to anyone, in any country, that is covered under Jiji Kiki’s Delivery Terms (please check if you are unsure).
  • The point of this Giveaway is to thank my followers, so to enter you must be a follower of my blog (and yes, I will check).
  • All you need to do, is leave a comment below, stating whether you would like the Male, Female or Mixed earrings, including your email address or Twitter details.
  • Feel free to re-tweet this Giveaway, making sure that you mention me (KittyFairy) in your tweet.
  • Giveaway is open until 12 noon Monday 18th April.
  • One winner will be chosen completely at random, using Random.org
Good Luck Everyone ūüėÄ

EDIT: I removed the GFC box a couple of days ago, but you can still follow my blog, by clicking the button, in the left-hand sidebar, that looks like this. You can also follow by clicking on this picture!