A long time ago in a galaxy far far away (what do you mean that’s been used before? Okay, fine). A long time ago in a fishing town on the East Coast of England, a girl who loved words was born. Fast forward twenty five or so years (she can’t remember exactly how many…it’s the age, it frazzles the brain *ahem*) later, and that girl turned that love of words into a career, as she set out on a journey to accomplish two things:

1. Eradicate boring, jargon-infested business writing, that no one (important) understands, and replace it with fun, interesting writing that draws the reader in and says “READ ME NOW!!!” probably in bold letters, because bold is good!

2. To teach the world that everyone deserves to be beautiful. And by world she meant those who would listen. And by those who would listen she meant….her Mother…and that’s only really sometimes….!!

Did she want to change the world? Of course, who doesn’t. but experience has taught that that is probably not going to happen anytime soon. Nevertheless, baby steps are a good way forward!


Kat is quiet, laid-back, loves books, films, cats and the coutryside. Hates boring content.


And this is starting to sound like a personal ad….move along now people!




GCSEs including English 


A Levels including English Language and English Literature


BA (Hons) Combined Studies: Creative Writing and Film & Television Studies


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