Jargon Busting Your o2 Bill


Nothing gets on my nerves more than unnecessary jargon – the kind that none of us really understands, and is (in my opinion) completely pointless.

Big name companies are fiercely guilty of producing products that are riddled with jargon, and I can’t imagine why they feel the need for it to be there at all. It’s not necessary, it doesn’t help the customer – in fact all it does is leave us feeling completely confused. In many cases it’s leaving us confused about aspects such as our rights, and I don’t think that’s for.

Sometimes, of course, jargon is necessary – for example, in legal documentation – which is where I would always expect a company to offer a Glossary that explains any confusing terminology. Slowly, a lot of the larger companies are beginning to this, which is fantastic in my point-of-view. However, the problem then lies when you find confusing language in the Glossary…

Take this example from my Mum’s o2 phone bill for example:

Glossary Decrement

What the heck does “decrement” mean?

I like to think that I am mildly intelligent. I have a degree (so obviously I’m not completely dumb!), and I work with words for a living. I’m not going to say that I know every word in the dictionary, but if I don’t know what “decrement” means, and my Mum doesn’t know what it means, and my other half doesn’t know what it means, then it raises the question of how many other people actually know what it means?

The other half came to the conclusion that “decrement” is probably the opposite of the word “implement”, and in the context of the entire sentence:

“Some calls are not eligible to decrement from your inclusive allowance.”

I think that he could be correct.

I think that the sentence is saying that some calls will not be included in your included allowance, therefore you will be billed for it. But, why on earth can they not just say that? It didn’t make the sentence that much longer, so I’m baffled.

Have you found any ridiculous jargon in your bills?

Share it, so that I can jargon bust it 🙂




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