Know Your Self-Worth

Freelance, Writing

As writers, we are all familiar with those feelings of self-doubt. We never think that we are good enough, and we certainly don’t think that our work is anything to shout about. In fact, the term “fraud” is often thrown around the writing circles, as so many of us feel like we’re just faking it, waiting with baited breath for someone to catch us out, and point at us with accusing fingers and reveal us to be the complete charlatans that we honestly believe ourselves to be.

This is all despite the fact that we have several years of experience behind us, a nice collection of satisfied customers and people telling us that they like what we do (it does happen occasionally!).

So, if we are really so amazing at what we do – writing – why do we not believe in our own abilities? When did this become a standard disposition of the writer?

I can’t answer that question, but it is without doubt that all of us – no matter what industry we work in, and even those who aren’t writers – need to learn: how to know your self-worth.

Knowing your self-worth is never an easy task, whether a butcher, baker, athlete, accountant, scientist or lowly writer, because there is always that overwhelming self-doubt. However, learning to train your brain into accepting that you are a talented individual, that you are amazing and you can do every single thing that you tell people you can do, in your CV, could be the simple key to success in your career.

How do you make yourself? Well, here are a few things to remember when your self-worth does come into question:

  1. Okay, so maybe one person wasn’t honest about how good you are (but they still could have been telling the truth, you know!), but surely several people telling you the same thing, can’t all be “being nice”.
  2. Do you have clients that keep coming back? Well, there you go. You can’t be all that bad.
  3. Even if your customers don’t come back, that’s not to say that that’s anything to do with your abilities. As you gain experience, the chances are that you’ll put your rates up (and if you’re not putting them up, you should be!). Sadly, for some clients they can’t afford (or don’t want) to pay your higher rates.
  4. Ask yourself if you enjoy what you are doing. My Mum always used to tell me (and we all know – now that we’re all grown-up – that mother’s are always right), that we are always the best at what we enjoy doing, because we are more willing to exhaust ourselves in the areas that we are most passionate about. Therefore, if you absolutely love what you do for a living, the chances are that you are doing great!

Believe in You



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