What are Re-Writes and Do You Need Them?

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The topic of re-writes is often one that is misunderstood. For the record, by Re-Writes I don’t mean that the original content was bad, just like re-writes also doesn’t necessarily mean that the writer will be re-writing the work of someone else either.

Why would someone ask for Re-Writes?

There are two reasons why a client might ask for re-writes: The most common reason is because they want to share an article or story in several places, for example:

  • On their website
  • On their blog
  • As a Press Release
  • On a third-party website

It’s all a form of advertising, using the same article, but re-written. The second reason is much more simple. Most clients love what they do, but will openly admit that when it comes to writing about their product and/or service, they hit a brick wall. So, they might write down a basic outline of what they want, and then it will be my job to re-write it. In this case, the purpose of the re-write is to create content that is interesting, but also encompasses Search Engine Optimisation.

Should you have content re-written?

This is something that I can’t answer for you, but there are a few things that you should think about to help you decide for yourself:

1. Do you have a good piece of content on your website that you would love to share elsewhere? Perhaps on another website, on your blog, on a publicity website or maybe as a guest post? You can’t hand over a piece that has already been used, because most web masters and editors – along with search engines – consider this a bad thing. Most website owners, as well as press release websites etc. prefer content to be completely unique to them, and with the added agreements that you won’t use it anywhere else.

2. Have you got a piece of content in your off-line content (in a brochure, leaflet etc) that you would love to share online? Copy for off-line and online are both completely different, as they serve different overall purposes.

Should you re-write your content?

If you decide that you do want some content re-writing, you now need to make the decision about who should do it, so here’s another couple of things to think about.

1. Do you have the time to sit down and re-write that content for yourself? Even more importantly, do you have the time and energy to re-write it several times?

2. Perhaps just as importantly, how confident are you with your own writing skills, to write content – several times – that is completely different from the others, whilst still focusing on the same key matters and issues?

If you can answer “yes” to both of these questions, then go for it – you know your business after all. However, if you don’t have the time, patience or energy then don’t be afraid to ask someone else to do it, whether that’s another member of your team or outsourced.

If you would like your content re-writing, get in touch and find out how I can help.


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