Dear August: Why I Love and Hate You

August, Dear August

So we meet again my old friend. It’s been a while. Twelve months to be precise.

Once upon a time you were the month that I cherished most, because of everything that you symbolised. You were the month of freedom, of escapism, of sunshine and doing what I wanted. You were the month when I wasn’t expected to do anything, or be anything.

And then, I grew up.

There are a lot of things that I love about being a grown up:

  • My independence
  • Being able to make my own choices
  • Going to bed when I want to
  • Knowing that I am old enough to watch every single film, drink alcohol, vote, buy a lottery ticket without worrying about getting ID’d
Then of course, there are the things that I don’t like quite so much:
  • Having to pay bills
  • Taking responsibility for every action that I make
  • A severe lack of freedom
  • A severe lack of “the August effect”

For me, August is no longer anything special, instead, it is just like any other month, except it’s full of kids, and there is no escaping the fact that they are enjoying everything that I loved about August. Instead, I have to work in order to pay the bills, I get to look at the sunshine through a window, instead of from within the grass and I don’t get to be “free”.

I love August, and yet a part of me kind of resents it, for being the one month when I really want my childhood back. I want to enjoy this beautiful month in a more carefree way, but that’s not going to happen, which is always going to be sad.

Growing up is fun, but it sucks at the same time.

Love you always August,

*This series of posts was inspired by the Letters to July series run by Emilieofnewgloom, make sure you check out her YouTube Channel, because she’s pretty awesome*

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