Confessions of a Bookaholic #12


Source: via Kat on Pinterest


As creatives, I wonder how many of us do end up going down the same paths as our friends? Sometimes, I have to confess (since that’s what these “Confessions of a Bookaholic” posts are all about) I wonder if I’ve been living my life all wrong, as I watch so many of my friends get married, have children and buy their own homes. I don’t have any of those things. Yeah, I have the boyfriend, who I have been with for over seven years, but both being creative to the core, neither of us has really felt any kind of desire to get married.

I was recently asked if my lack of desire to get married was a spiritual thing, and y’know, I’ve never thought of it that way, but maybe it is. Or maybe I just fail to see what marriage will really do for me personally. For me, marriage is nothing more than a legality. It’s not going to change me, and not being married doesn’t mean that my other half means any less to me than he would if I was married.

Marriage, in my opinion, is a personal thing and whilst it’s perfect for a lot of couples, I choose not to do it.


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