Random Scribblings: Memories

random scribblings

Okay, so today I wanted to share a piece of writing that I wrote way back in 2007. It’s not finished, but I decided to leave it that way, because to even attempt to complete it now would just strip this piece of everything that makes this what it is.

To explain: This is something that I wrote about my own personal experience, when I went to see My Chemical Romance in Manchester in March 2007.

I hope that you enjoy reading this as much as the memory has made me smile 🙂

We walk up Manchester’s Deansgate, casually discussing how busy a big city is a half past six compared to where we live. There’s a slight chill in the air, and I thank my boyfriend (silently in my head!) for having the better judgement and forcing me to put my coat on. We turn the corner and join the end of the queue. “It doesn’t seem too long,” my boyfriend beams at me, and we hug ourselves grateful when the queue appears to move ahead quite quickly. Our gratitude however, fades away as we turn a corner and realise that what we’d thought was a short queue, was in fact twisting up a long slope towards the entrance. “You have to be kidding!” A girl behind us exclaims, “Last time we just walked straight in!” “MEXICAN WAVE EVERYBODY!” A voice overhead yells, and the front of the queue begins a Mexican wave that falters out around the middle, “BOOO HISSS!!!” Everyone giggles, “COME ON PEOPLE!” The unknown voice yells again, sounding mockingly angry, “MEXICAN WAVE!” Again, the front of the queue joins in with the Mexican wave that fades away in exactly the same place as before. Everyone appears to laugh and groan at the same time. “This is gonna be an awesome crowd!” Someone says from behind, and she couldn’t have been more right!

You’d almost be forgiven for expecting a My Chemical Romance gig to be full of depressed teenagers, dressed all in black miserably watching a band that sing about death, but the reality was completely different. As we entered the main arena, an enormous cheer that we eventually discovered was brought on by a “CHEER IF YOU LOVE MCR” type of message immediately greeted us. And for the forty-five minute wait between us finding our seats and the support act, Thursday, donning the stage; we were kept amused by individual’s text messages that were aired on a huge computerised screen. By the way, to the bloke telling his girlfriend he was having a baby, congratulations, and I counted 27 guys in yellow jackets (security guards to people who don’t understand!!) The atmosphere in the arena as it slowly fills up is just electric, free of aggression and loud-mouthed idiots that I’ve experienced at previous gigs. Even my boyfriend, who is more into Depeche Mode can’t help but get excited by the buzz of the entire affair.

Before we know it, the arena is black and the crowd screams, as the air fills with the strumming of guitars, and the screeches of Thursday’s lead singer. although what he’s singing, is completely beyond me, you have to admit that guy is full of energy

 It is sad that I didn’t write more, but hey c’est la vie.






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