NaNoWriMo 2012 Chapter Breakdown

NaNoWriMo, Writing

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was planning on doing some Chapter Breakdowns. This is actually something that I have never even tried to do before, but I spotted it on someone else’s website, and I’ve sort of adapted it to meet my own needs.

But, for anyone who requires a little help, this is basically the guideline that I am using for each chapter…of course nothing is set in stone, and will no doubt the ones that I write will change over the course of November!!

Chapter Breakdown

  1. Which characters are involved in this scene? The main characters? Protagonists? Antagonists?
  2. Introductions: Will this chapter introduce any new characters?
  3. Exits: Will this chapter see the exit and/or demise of any characters?
  4. From which P.O.V. will the chapter be? If the novel is in first person, this may seem obvious. However, if the novel is in third person, who will be the main focus?
  5. Where does the scene happen? At home? Various locations? Mobile or immobile?
  6. Major plot points: What happens in this scene to move the overall story along? If nothing moves the story along, it might be worth considering whether the chapter is necessary or not.
  7. Minor plot points: What happens in this scene that might not move the chapter along, but suggests or foreshadows things? Perhaps it hints at future events, or represents a weakness that will be overcome? Maybe you just use it to show someone’s personality or relationships with other characters, this is especially ideal when introducing the main characters.

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