Camp NaNoWriMo August: Day Three

Camp NaNoWriMo, Writing
Ah, so here we are again, this time with Camp NaNoWriMo Take Two. I actually got off to a pretty slow start, purely because I wasn’t feeling it with the story I’d been working on, back in June, so I decided to go in a completely different direction. The problem? I didn’t exactly have any idea which direction I wanted to go in. So, two days before the challenge was due to begin, and I went into crazy panic-mode unable to figure out which story to work on.
As a result, I ended up starting a day late, but fortunately, I still managed to catch up to the recommended word count, and my current total is:

I spent a large part of yesterday in the Library hand writing my story, and then typing it up on the Other Half’s Mac PowerBook, which isn’t my preferred method, because I detest typing up notes. And what I detest even more, is when the internet goes whilst you are typing up your work on, and you lose over 3,000 words. It’s one of those occasions when I was glad that I’d been typing up notes, because at least I had the basics of the story still there, unfortunately, I’m also one of those writers who can not just type it out straight, I have to add bits and expand on things. I know it’s perhaps not really in the spirit of NaNoWriMo, but I can’t help it.

Nevertheless, after typing up my notes for the second time, I appear to be back on track, and I’m back to using Microsoft Word to type up my story, in the hope that the internet playing up won’t effect it!

The Story

The story that I’m working on is actually one that I started writing about five or six years ago. At the time, I’d stopped working on because an American television series came out that was incredibly similar to it (not entirely, as it panned out, the series was virtually nothing like my story overall), and I also got to a point where I felt that the story had gotten a bit too “big” for me. By that, I don’t mean I didn’t feel like I could write it, I just felt that I had over-complicated things, and I wanted to tone it down a little and rope it in because over-complicated isn’t just difficult to write, it’s also difficult to read. I obviously didn’t want that.

Stepping back into this story has come amazingly easily, and I feel happier with how things are flowing with it. Yet again, I’ve reverted to third person, but whilst with my previous Camp NaNoWriMo attempt I had struggled to keep it in third person, this one has come a lot more naturally, and I feel comfortable with it.

So far, I am loving work on this novel, so fingers crossed that feeling sticks around!


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