Why Your Web Content Should Be Fun

No matter what business you work in, it goes without saying that everyone needs a Unique Selling Point (USP). It’s something that is drummed into us no matter which road you go down towards self-employment, and it’s something that drove me mad for a long time. I didn’t know what made me unique, or special. I’m just me. And then I got my first (and thank goodness, only) email of:

“I don’t think you’re quite what I’m looking for”.

It was a knock, and at the time a tough one to bear. I was at the beginning of my life as a freelance writer, and to be told so early that you’re not what someone is looking for, is always tough. 

Nevertheless, it taught me a valuable lesson, and it was something that this specific client and I were never going to see eye-to-eye on; I was not interested in writing monotonous, jargon-filled content that was all information and no personality.  

So, why should your web content be fun?

Creating content that is fun, and interesting proves a few things about you, and your company. It says that:

You’re a Human, Not a Robot.  

I honestly believe that content should represent the person, or at the very least a company’s values because that is what I would want to see from a website. I want to see a person. Okay, so it’s good to know how much profit your business made over the past year, but what does that tell me about you? Does it tell me that you’re a great businessman? Yeah, it does. But what does it tell me about you, as an actual person? Does it make you look human? No, it makes you look (to me) like all you’re interested in is taking my money, and you couldn’t really care less if I was happy with the service that you gave me. Facts and figures are fine, and often necessary, but obsessing about them tells me that you see me as a number, a commodity to making more money. I have to tell you, that makes me feel a little bit crap, and I don’t think that I want to spend money with a company that makes me feel bad about myself.

You’re Interesting.

It’s an increasingly known fact that people don’t read the Internet, they skim it. So think about it, if you are forcing your potential clients to read page after page of facts, figures and other technical jargon, the chances are they’re going to switch off. 


Well, it could be because they’re not interested (quite possible), or it could be because they don’t understand what you’re talking about, or in fact don’t care (also very possible).

Your job, as a Salesman (or woman), is to make them care. Show them why you are in fact interesting, and that switch might just stay up at the “utterly obsessed”.

You want People to get to Know You

Source: via Nicolette on Pinterest

The growth of social media has practically thrown “privacy” out of the window. To a degree, it no longer exists. 

As a result, customers are able to throw open a company and lay it out bare for all to see, including all of those vulnerable bits. Hiding away your wobbly bits behind a big fluffy towel aren’t going to do you any favours. Admitting you were wrong, being light-hearted about it, and moving steps forward to change, in an approachable way, on the other hand might.

Taking yourself too seriously makes people think that you have something to hide. However, if you are open, frank and a little bit humourous about things, customers will be able to see that you are just a normal human being and you’re not out to snare them in some big scary trap.

It’s all about trust.

Once upon a time, big business might have been about treading on as many toes as you possibly could. However, things are changing. If customers don’t like you, it could be harder for you to succeed. 

So go on, give it a try: make your content fun.

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