Camp NaNoWriMo Progress Report: Day 2

Camp NaNoWriMo, Writing

Considering that I haven’t planned out this novel, as I did in November’s NaNoWriMo, I seem to have gotten off to a really good start, which is encouraging! I have, however, amazed myself with how competitive I’ve become this time around, and I’m feeling much more determined to write. With work being quiet at the moment (feel free to send some work my way, to change that ;P), I seem to currently have plenty of time to dedicate to my novel.

Last time that I did NaNoWriMo I opted to share all of my writing on a blog, but I’ve decided not to do that this time around, because let’s be honest, the whole purpose of this task is to just write, not to read back, and definitely not to edit anything. But not editing spelling/grammar mistakes, and errors with tenses always draws people to leave negative comments, which is kind of counter-productive when that really isn’t the point of the task in hand.

However, for anyone who is interested, here is a sneak excerpt of the story that I’m working from. As a quick note, this isn’t the opening paragraph and I’m not sharing where in the novel it features, because it’s meant as just a little teaser 😉

Under normal circumstances Lucy would have turned around and clawed the life out of Geoff Bergstram, the man who for two years, three months and five days was having an affair with her mother. But that day, Lucy didn’t have any strength left, as she slowly sank to her knees and the next five years of her life melted away…


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