Random Scribblings #5

Fiction, random scribblings

Prompt: She stared into the darkness.

She stared into the darkness. Well, what else was she going to do, at two o’clock in the morning, with a raging headache and Baby Girl playing havoc on her bladder. Lucy considered getting out of bed, and going to the bathroom, for the tenth time that night (yes, she really had been counting!), but it was so comfy here and warm, and nope, she was going to have to go.

The laminate floor in the bathroom was freezing cold, but she couldn’t remember where she’d put her slippers. She could never remember where she left them, or pretty much anything, in this ridiculous flat. It was too small, too cramped and there was nowhere near enough room for one person, let alone two and all of Baby Girl’s stuff. Goodness knows what was going to happen once Baby Girl actually landed, and started spreading out around the place, which really was not going to happen, because there was nowhere for her to spread out to. Heck, this kid was never going to learn to crawl, or walk, or perhaps even breathe, because that would take up too much space. Of course, Lucy was mostly joking. Mostly. She couldn’t deny that her due date was making her nervous, of course it was. She’d never had a baby before, she’d never had to take care of anyone before. Well, unless you count the mouse that lived in the space behind her wardrobe, at the old flat, but Lucy really didn’t. She shuddered at the memory, and flushed the loo. She stood in front of the sink, and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked dreadful. Whoever said that morning sickness was the worst part of pregnancy, was clearly deluding themselves.

I find it interesting that I went back to “Lucy” with this prompt, because it’s the first time that I’ve ever written anything for that story, in third person, and I loved how easily it flowed, whilst still allowing me to get into her head. Seriously considering writing it completely in third person.


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