Random Scribblings #3

random scribblings, Writing

Prompt: The Colour of Hunger

The colour of hunger is green, for nausea. Green for that feeling in the pit of your stomach that feels like it’s about to ingest itself, turn itself inside out and take the rest of you with it. Brown for that strong craving to devour a huge bar of chocolate, or red for a big pile of chips oozing with Tomato Ketchup. Hunger is multicoloured for the hallucinations that drive you mad, as you dream of cakes, and biscuits and every thing that is bad for you. The colour of hunger is green for the lettuce, the cucumber and the apples that you should be pining over, but what you really want is the green icing, or the green wrapping on Christmas Tree Chocolates.

The colour of hunger is black, for the darkness that overwhelms the mind, and slowly and  meticulously drives you insane. All you can think about is food, and all you want is food. You can’t concentrate. You don’t know where you are any more. Lost in an endless abyss of nothingness.

The funny thing about this prompt, is that it feels like it is more inspired by cravings for bad food, than actual hunger. Living in Western Society, how many of us really know what it is like to go hungry? And I mean truly hungry? Hunger in the sense of not having any clue when you might eat again. It might be tomorrow, it might not be until next week. The idea of that is scary, and in that sense, the colour of hunger is more likely to be grey, for confusion, not black and not white, because they’re too clean-cut. No, grey because it’s nondescript. It’s not dark, it’s not light, it’s fear for the future. Fear for never knowing if you’ll be able to survive. I can’t even imagine how awful that would be, and in that sense hunger is blue. Blue for sadness, knowing that people are forced to live like this.


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