Writers Block: Just Get Writing

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Writer Block. It hits most us a lot more frequently than we’d probably care to admit, and stifles the creativity. So, how do you get those writing juices flowing over, when your brain just can’t think of anything to write?

The best advice I have ever been given, was to just start writing. It doesn’t matter what you write, even if it is the biggest pile of rubbish that you will do absolutely nothing with. The suggestion was that you just write down the first thought that comes into your head even if the first thought just happens to be:

“I have no idea what to write.”

Just keep writing that down, until it becomes so absurd that you realise other thoughts are coming into your head, about how ridiculous what you’re writing it.

It really does not matter what you are writing, as long as it has you doing the physical art of actual writing.

The whole point behind this seemingly pointless exercise, is to practice the notion that:

“to write anything, is better than to write nothing.”

Do this for roughly five minutes, ensuring that you don’t stop other than for sore fingers.

The intention of forcing yourself to write like this, isn’t about what you create, it’s getting yourself into a pattern of regular writing. We all know that if we want to be writers, then we should read as many books as physically possible, but the same can be said about writing. If you want to write, then you need to write as much, and as often as you can, to stimulate your words, and build up a routine for yourself.

And we all know that practice really does make perfect.

So try it out, every day for the next week or so, set aside 5 minutes to do this exercise and just write anything. If it spurs an idea or motivates you to work on something completely different, then brilliant. But, if it doesn’t then don’t stress out about it. Just do your five minutes and then move on to doing something else completely, and try again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Writers Block: Just Get Writing

  1. As you have deftly pointed out, the only way out of a writer's block is to put pen to paper and push.Natalie Goldberg's book, WRITING DOWN THE BONES, offers some good tips for writing exercises but it really comes down to will power and desire.I stalled a bit after my first novel. Had a concept for a second book but couldn't get myself excited. Then I identified three or four dramatic scenes from the prospective novel and wrote them first. Realized I had a winner and built the rest of the book around those episodes. Eight months later, I had a completed book.Good post. Keep writin'…

  2. I never have writer's block per se, but just write not very well when I'm in a similar funk – it doesn't flow, I repeat or contradict myself, it's very frustrating!. I've just come out of one of those phases at the moment. I find reading more than usual helps, it gives me a kick up the bum and new ideas with it

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