Does your Business need a Website?


According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2010 over 30 million British adults surfed the internet every single day, with the general demographic of users widening into all age ranges and social statuses. Therefore, it is definitely fair to say that the vast majority of your customers are using the internet. So, the answer to the question here is: Yes, your business most definitely needs a website.

Well, that was an easy post, I’ll be heading off then!

Ah, but of course telling you the statistics of who is online isn’t going to persuade anyone to create a website, because if you’re a good businessman (or woman), you’ll be wanting more reasons than that.

  1. People like instant information. They want to know if you offer what they are looking for, so drip feed them a little of what you offer, and encourage them to contact you for more information. If that information isn’t available, they’ll look elsewhere. And of course, feeding information through a website is much more cost-effective than fliers or brochures. Why? Because a customer can’t throw away your website, it will always be there when they need it.
  2. More information. Leaflets are perfect for quick promotions and offers, but let’s be honest, there is only so much information that you can find on a A5 sheet of paper (or card, if you’re being fancy!). A website, however, allows you to share far more information with your customers, including pricing, full lists of services and a website could even offer them the opportunity to purchase online. This alone could really boost your sales.
  3. Geography. With leaflets, unless you are a major company with a heck of a lot of money to spend on widespread marketing campaigns, the chances are that you will only be able to afford to drop leaflets in a generally small area, which is probably local to your business. A website, nevertheless, has a much wider reach, not only nationally, but globally. So before you know it, you could be reaching out to customer thousands of miles away.
  4. Feedback. Trust is a big deal to the modern man and woman. With stories of phone hacking, deception, money laundering and let’s not forget the MP expenses scandal, it really is no wonder that so many people struggle to trust businesses that they don’t already have strong knowledge of. And building up trust is incredibly important. A website can help build strong relationships with your customers, as it could allow them to air their experiences with your products and/or services enforcing why others should trust you. Plus, so many people won’t use a product or service until they have read other peoples’ opinions on them.
  5. It’s so easy. A few years ago, running a website was a potential nightmare. They either cost a small fortune hiring a Web Designer who could potentially steer all control to themselves in order to bleed a company dry. Or, you could create your own, if you had the HTML knowledge, which unfortunately, most of us don’t. These days, however, Web Design is much more affordable and so many companies offer services that allow you to create your own website cheaply, without complicated HTML experience.

Getting your business on the World Wide Web is simple, but if you need an extra helping hand getting it set up, and full of powerful, interesting content that gives your customers all of the information that they need, whilst keeping their attention, use the contact form or drop me a line.

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