Rimmel Vinyl Gloss Review


NOTE: I received this as a Sample from Rimmel.

I’m not really a fan of lip glosses, in fact, I don’t even wear lipstick either. I usually opt to just apply a little lip balm and that’s about it! For me, lip glosses always taste and smell like plastic, make my lips feel heavy and are just icky sticky and messy. But, when Rimmel have their Giveaways, I can’t resist, and thought that I’d give their Lip Gloss a try, opting for “Cosmic”.

Packaging: The packaging of this lipgloss is pretty standard, although maybe a little sleeker than other brands. It’s nice to get back to the tube and wand style of lip gloss, as so many other companies (including Barry M and ELF) have moved other to squeezable tubes.

Nothing about the packaging particularly jumps out and hits me, but it serves a purpose I guess.

Application: The wand is the typical “teardrop” shape, and it applies quite nicely. What I instantly noticed after the first application is how this lip gloss didn’t feel as “heavy” or “sticky” as other lipglosses. It seemed somewhat lighter, and nicer to wear.

Overall Look: The colour was fantastic, I have to say, and amazingly, I actually opted for a shade that actually suits me. I don’t know if it made me lips look “40% curvier” as the Rimmel London website claims, but it does looks great, and it certainly is shiny.

I am definitely considering using this when Party Season hits around Christmas, and you may just find this product in my handbag instead of my boring lip balm. I’ve even found myself experimenting with a lipliner, that is something that I haven’t used for about ten years, because, well, I’ve never really taken to the “Jacqui McQueen” look!!

So, this is evidently a very quick review, but I’m actually in the process of moving to a brand new flat, so hopefully when I’m fully moved (at the end of the month), I will have more time to dedicate to my blog. And I’m really keen to get blogging again, because with flat-hunting, and now moving, alongside doing real paid work, I’ve been struggling to find the time to get down to blogging. So I hope you’ll all bear with me, just for a little longer 🙂

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