Tag Challenge: Day 20: A Hobby of Yours

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Day 20: My Hobby

After this blog, and my writing, you might have guessed, but playing Video Games is one of my favourite hobbies. Despite that I’m actually quite a fussy gamer. My boyfriend and my brother are both HUGE gamers, and love everything from racing, to first person shoot-em-ups etc and they have collections of games that are practically sky high. Me,on the other hand, well, I’m only really a fan of RPG‘s…I must save so much money being so picky hehe, but boy did it make it difficult to write a top ten favourite game list…but, here it is, in no particular order!

Persona 4

Kingdom Hearts 2
The World Ends With You
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core + Special Edition PSP (all mine :D)
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy XII
Star Ocean: First Departure

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