Tag Challenge: Day 04: Favourite Book

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Day 04: Favourite Book

When I was a kid, books were a huge part of my life. and I practically lived in various local libraries. Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older, and life has gotten a bit more “hectic”, I can’t get my head to settle into a book and I’ve found that I’ve become incredibly picky about what i read….I have a growing pile of books that I’ve started reading, and just couldn’t get into.

Despite that, I was recently encouraged to read a book, that appeared to be everywhere at some point. Everyone seemed to be reading it, everyone seemed to be reviewing it and everyone seemed to be loving it (with a small group of individuals that hated it with a passion, or refused to even give it a try, purely because it was so well known!)

I ended up absolutely loving the book so much, that I even tried to read it slower to prolong it! That book was…

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Personally, I’ve never read a book set in World War 2 where the main protagonist wasn’t Jewish (When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and Anne Frank’s Diary), so I actually liked the fact that it was from a very different point of view. It was nice to read a story from another side of the coin, showing that not all German’s were sucked into Hitler’s web of “crap”!!

I know a few people have complained that using Death as the narrator was “gimmicky”, but I thought it fit perfectly, and worked nicely. The writing sucked me in, and refused to spit me out until I was (without revealing any plot) floating in floods of tears, it was so emotive.

I would definitely read it again! Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find anything good enough to follow it!!
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