Tag Challenge: Day 03: Favourite TV Programme

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Day 03: Favourite TV Programme

Would you believe that picking just one, was really difficult again. I love so many shows, including Friends, Being Human, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother…but in the end, I opted for the one thing that I am really loving at the minute, that I hate when I miss an episode of, and that is….

Being Erica

What Channel: E4 (in the UK)

What Time: 12:05am…which is absolutely ridiculous! It used to be on at 10pm, right after One Tree Hill, but the so-called Top Dogs at E4 decided to stupidly replace it with a Sex Education programme, and place it at ridiculous o’clock after a repeat of Shameless!!

Synopsis: Erica’s life isn’t quite going to plan, despite her best efforts. And so pop up Doctor Tom, a rather eccentric man who loves to quote random randomness! Thanks to Doctor Tom, Erica is given the chance to go back to various points in her life, in order to do things differently, or at least to learn where she’s gone wrong.

Why I love it: Being Erica has been such a breathe of fresh air, with it’s light humour and charm. Plus, I can’t help be really jealous of a girl who can go correct some of her past wrongs. It’s a great programme with a lot of heart, and we can all relate to how Erica feels about her life, because we all do stupid things, and/or make mistakes that we’d love to sort out.

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