Tag Challenge: Day 02: Favourite Movie

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Day 02: Favourite Movie

Oh god! I thought that picking a favourite song was tough, but picking a favourite film? I could be here all day, so I’ve decided to pick a different film from different genres, because I cannot pick just one film…it’s too hard! And, I don’t care if this is cheating heehee!! Some rules are just begging to be broken!!

Sooo, here we go, in no particular order!!

Favourite Disney
Favourite Pixar
Monster’s Inc
Favourite Studio Ghibli
Laputa Castle in the Sky
Favourite Oldie
Little Women

Favourite Action

Favourite Sci-Fi
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Favourite Fantasy
Pan’s Labyrinth

Favourite Romantic Comedy
Bridget Jones

Favourite Comedy: 
Simpsons: The Movie

Favourite Mystery Thriller: 
The Sixth Sense

Favourite Adventure
The Goonies

Favourite Coming-of-Age
Stand by Me

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