Tag Challenge: Day 01: Favourite Song

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Day 01: Seeing Beauty in Music

Personally, I think that music is one of the most beautiful art forms, purely because of it’s emotive abilities. 9 times out of 10, if a film is creepy it’s down to the music, or if a film makes you cry, it’s very likely that you’d hear some really sad music to go with the scenes. With that in mind, I shall pick my favourite song…

I actually really struggled to choose just one favourite song, because I love so many. So, I ended the torture of having to choose, by going into my Windows Media Player and picking the track that I’ve listened to the most times.

*Drum roll please*
With 84 plays, the winner is…

Wind Blows by All-American Rejects

The eleventh song from the bands 2009 album “When the World Come Down”, “Wind Blows” is a truly haunting song that blew me away (ha, bad wording, but it describes perfectly how I felt about this song). It is such a beautiful song, even if it does have a little bit of a creepy undertone going on in it’s lyrics.
When I first heard it, I had this vision in my head of what the video for the song would be like, and I imagined a girl climbing up the side of this mountain, in a bad storm, that is so strong, she really has to fight to get up there. Then just in time for the last chorus, she makes it and the band is at the top of this mountain, literally playing in a gale-force wind.
Evidently, when the band eventually released the track as a single, that wasn’t what the video panned out like at all. But hey, for me, every time I hear the song, that’s still what I imagine is going in.
Upon doing a bit of research into the track, I discovered that it was initially written with Gwen Stefani in mind, however, she turned it down. And, I have to say that as talented as Gwen Stefani is, I’m really glad that she turned it down, because although the version AAR do is different to the version touted for Stefani, they do a brilliant job at it, and I can’t imagine anyone else doing it so beautifully.
For anyone who hasn’t had the joy of hearing the track, or for anyone who loves the track as much as I do, here’s the video for you to enjoy.

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